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i have a new number 951 695 9353 i think

read my xanga..qui qui? dad was home today..very strange..hes so mad he wont even talk to me..all hes sad was... shut the fuck up kristina while your mother is talking..yeah. we got into as usual ya know..and yeah. hes dumb. you my mind about kidnapping me..made me happy. tsk tsk my wife you didnt even add me to your friends..your such a lame person i hate you ever so much..and your a hideouse site to look at

im kidding of know thats not true.i love my patty..your my shirt says so.. i wrote you today..i ditched to already off to a shitty start..i belive i have...all F's at this point. i really..really..really need to get my shit together. no more pills for me more can i abandon that..phft.theresa and kay got me this pin from the adams avenue street fair..that reads.. light up your life..and theres a pot leaf..and the writings purple..its lovely..

im going to ariels open house tonight..yeah..patty..tomorrow..we have a breakfast date seems we can never get to our damn dinner leave friday? after school? or..early in the morning? 12? 3 in the morning? haha. going. it will be grand.because your my wife..and i had enough courage to tell theresa..i must tell you..its not something i like to brag about..but..i think you should know..because..well i dunno. i havent talked about it..and i feel like im lieing to you..even though im anyway.i just feel like im keeping it away from you and..i dunno i feel some sort of guilt? strange..

when i go to the doctor..i want you to pick me up in a trucker truck thing..a big the lady on mad t.v..ok? ok.i just ate a lunchable..i think i might puke now. you know what i like..besiiides ramen..when yusemi used to live with us..we used to eat hot pockets every night..because..thats all she liked. i miss her..did i ever tell you about her? hum maybe i will. she..was great..and the only pic i have of her..besides her prom one..well i left it in my 8 grade scrap book and they never gave it back..those fucks. well. wow this comment is fucking pointless. maybe i should stop leaving such long comments.nah because..i know you like'em..ehh ehh?i just woke up..maybe..15 20 min ago? and i have a cramp in my thigh..did d.j say anything when me and eddie..were.. off on our adventures to piss off kate? very funny.well my love i shall go..thanks for the sweater you have no idea how cold i was..and..imma wear it tomorrow..but you shall get it back. promise. imma burn the MCR c.d then i'll give it back..either tomorrow..or yeah.later

theres a lot of spelling a bit off from the nap i just awoke.:)

So interesting, so much more irrelevant

Uhh, talk and be added, if that was all I had to do to get alot of shit (can I say shit on this site? o.O) then I'd have, alot of shit, lol. I like your site Patty , a little too pink for me to grow too attached to, but it somehow brings about a nostalgic feeling , in a sense anyways. (the robot reminds me of that one beastie boys music video, which was chaotic, which reminds me of my younger days as a chaotic child). I don't have anything else interesting to write about, so umm, everyone, fuck off and have a wonderful day ^_^

Mike add me.this is eljay.<3

surprise me and dry hump me when i'm not looking.
i'll know its you.
i added you.
add back?

hola...hows it goin

I saw you and thought you were so I added you, if thats ok. ♥

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