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so tell me of your stay

do tell

17 March 1988
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This is me.

I tore out my love and sent my candy-heart in a valentine,did you recieve? With crimson lip-stick I kissed you the x's and o's and offered my passion ten-fold. Just like shooting stars I bled trails of dust and wishes into the night sky, and just like fairy-tale endings time will stand still for us.

This is where im suppose to:

  • Say my age
  • possibly my location
  • Tell you my favorites
  • Tell you my dislikes

Well it would take Forever and a day to tell you my favorites [go look at my interests] and as for my dislikes that would take a while and alot of typing. But if you really want to know my main interest: His name is Charlie. I'd rather not disclose my location or age, if you really want to know read my journal or simply instant message me on AIM.

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